How to download music from youtube

Almost everyone downloads music online these days, but sometimes its hard to find what we want. Some people don’t know that you can download music directly from YouTube. Here’s how you can download music from YouTube, using Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

If you are using Internet Explorer or Google Chrome,

-You need the link of your YouTube music video:

-Then you go to  and paste the link from your YouTube music video, then click on Convert and wait.
It can take one minute or two.
When it’s done, you only have to click on <Download> and you will get an Mp3  file


If you are using Mozilla Firefox, there’s an easy way to download your music directly from YouTube.
-First, you will need an add-on, which you can download here:

Then, you simply go on YouTube, and under the music video of your choice, you will find a small download icon, as you can see in the middle of this image:

Click on that download button and select the type of audio file you want

And here you go, it will start the download of your music. 

If you have any problem, just leave a comment and i will try to help you as much as I can :P

Thx for reading!