How to change your Minecraft world’s biomes


This happened to me the other day: I have this awesome Minecraft world (my main map), on which I’ve built a bunch of awesome cities with a few friends. Now, the problem arose when I decided that I wanted to build a snow-themed village. You see, my map doesn’t have any snow biomes within a few thousand blocks of the spawn point. Since there was no way in hell that I would start over on a new map, I set off to fin a way to change an existing Mineraft world’s biomes.

Let’s say we have this nice little map that we want to change into a snow world:

Minecraft world without snow

The first thing we need to do is to download and install a program called WorldPainter, which is available here:

Once WorldPainter is finished installing, open it. Then, go to File->Import->Minecraft map… and select your world’s level.dat file.

Note: On Windows, singleplayer maps are generally stored in the “C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\saves” directory.

Then, select the “do not mark any chunks read-only” option and click Ok. Once the map has finished loading, you’ll see something similar to this:

Opening map in worldPainter

Now, in the layers pane, click the “Biomes” button. You can then select a biome in the biomes pane. In this case, i’ll select the “Cold Taiga” biome, because I want snow.

Select biomes in worldpainter

Note: If you’re unable to see the entire biome list, you can click on the arrow button in the top right corner of the biomes pane:

Toggle floating biomes pane

Once you’ve selected the desired biome, you can simply “paint” the biome on your world by holding left-click and dragging your mouse.

painting the biome in worldpainter

When you’re satisfied with your changes, go to File->Merge with Minecraft map… Then select the “Only change the biomes” option and click Merge.

Once the merge is finished, you should be able to fire up Minecraft and enjoy your new biomes!

Minecraft world when the biomes have been changed

That’s (one way) to change your Minecraft world’s biomes.

I hope that you found this article useful!


Enable cheats on an already existing world in Minecraft


The other day, I was playing on an old Minecraft singleplayer map when I encountered an unfortunate problem: I wanted to change some of the map’s gamerules, but I was unable to do so because cheats were disabled. Having spent several hours on this map, I didn’t want to start over, so I decided to try and find a way to enable cheats on an already existing world.

When you save a Minecraft world, the game creates a level.dat file that contains all of the map’s parameters in NBT (Named Binary Tag) format. Now, if we want to change these parameters, we can use an awesome little program called NBTExplorer (available for download on this forum thread:

How to enable cheats using NBTExplorer:

First off, you need to download NBTExplorer either by looking up the forum thread linked previously or by going to this page:


Once NBTExplorer is finished downloading, you can open it by clicking on NBTExplorer.exe (the icon is a small dead shrub). You should then see a list of your singleplayer maps:


Now, you need to double click on the map for which you want to enable cheats.

Once this is done, double click on level.dat [1 entries], then Data: 24 Entries, and finally on AllowCommands: 0

This will open a small text box titled “Edit value…” in which you need to type 1.


You can then click on Ok and save your changes by going to File -> Save (or by pressing Ctrl+S). You should now be able to use cheats on your Minecraft map!

I hope this article helped you out and, as always, have a nice day!


How to disable fire spread in Minecraft


You know when you build a nice fireplace in Minecraft:


And THIS happens?

fire buring

Yeah, Minecraft’s way of handling how fire spreads makes close to no sense. This is the reason why, in most of my maps, I just disable it altogether. But how do you do this? It’s actually very simple.

Keep in mind that, If you’re playing on a singleplayer map, you need to have cheats enabled to use this procedure and if you’re on a server, you’ll probably need to be an admin. Note that if you don’t have cheats enabled, you can turn them on by following this procedure:

If these conditions are met, open the chat box and type the following command:

/gamerule doFireTick false

This will permanently disable fire spread on the map or server. If you ever wish to re-enable fire spread, simply type:

/gamerule doFireTick false

That’s it! I hope this post helped you out!




How to easily fix flowing water in Minecraft


Don’t you just hate it when this happens? I know I do…

water 1

It just ruins an otherwise perfect landscape…

So how do we fix flowing water in Minecraft? In this post, I’ll show you two methods to do this.

First Method – The vanilla way.

If you’re adamant on using vanilla Minecraft, then there’s no easy way to fix flowing water. The best method is to make a dirt “bridge” over the affected area and to dump buckets of water underneath is, like this:

water 2




Unfortunately, this method is cumbersome and takes an eternity… so here’s an easier water to fix flowing water in Minecraft:

Second Method – WorldEdit to the rescue:

Instead of playing around with buckets for a good ten minutes, I strongly recommend you use WorldEdit. WorldEdit is a plugin for CraftBukkit servers that can also run on single player maps (If you don’t know how to do this, you should check out this tutorial).

When you have WorldEdit installed, all you need to do is to follow these instructions:

  1. Stand in the water next to the problematic blocks. You need to be one block deep.
  2. In the chat, type /fixwater radius, where radius is a number that corresponds to the radius in which the water will be corrected (If the affected area is large, then put in a large value.). Per example, you could type /fixwater 10, and this would fix any flowing water within ten blocs of you. Then press enter.
  3. There is no third step! easy eh?

water 4


I hope this post saves you some time!


How to easily remove a forest in Minecraft


I can’t count how often this has happened to me: I want to build an epic city in Minecraft, but I first have to clear a huge forest. The small trees aren’t so bad to cut, but the large ones are… well, you know…

So, is there an easy way to clear a forest in Minecraft? In survival, unfortunately not. BUT, if you’re willing to use third-party tools, there are two easy methods to get rid of those pesky trees.

Using a world editing plugin (WorldEdit or VoxelSniper):

This is my favourite way to quickly get rid of forests, but it only works if you host your world on a CraftBukkit server. The first thing you’ll need to do is to install WorldEdit or VoxelSniper, then, use these commands:

For WorldEdit:

Type //brush <brush type> air <brush size>

Per example: //brush sphere air 5

Then, type //mask leaves

What this does is create a spherical brush that replaces every “leaves” bloc with air.

You can now spam right-click around the area you wish to clear to remove all the leaves:

Removing leaves with WorldEdit

Now, all that’s left to do is to remove those pesky logs. Type //mask log and spam right-click once more:



For VoxelSniper:

Removing trees with VoxelSniper is similar to removing trees with WorldEdit, but the commands differ.

You first need to type /v air, then /b b mm.

You then need to select a brush size by typing /b <size> (per example, /b 10)

Finally, type /vr leaves

Now, put an arrow in your hand and spam right-click over the area to clear:

Remove leaves with voxelsniper

Once you’re done removing the leaves, type /vr log and right-click over the area to clear:

Remove logs with voxelsniper


So that’s how you remove forests with world-editing plugins. Now, this method is nice and simple, but it doesn’t work if you don’t have a Craftbukkit server. If this is the case, then you might want to consider the second method.


Using MCEdit:

MCEdit is a superb Minecraft world editor. It allows you to move around parts of the map, create structures and more. Here, I will show you how you can clear all the trees in an area with this program.


First off, load the world by clicking on “Open a level…” and then navigating to your world’s “level.dat” file.

You then need to select the region that you want to clear:

Select part of the map - MCEdit


Then, click on “Fill and Replace”, then on “Ok”, then on “Replace”.

Under the “Find” option, select leaves, and under the “Replace with” option, select air. Once this is done, click replace.

This should remove all the leaves in the selected area (Keep in mind that you might need to do this for all the different types of leaves in the area). You now need to remove the logs.

To remove the logs, repeat the steps above, but under the “Find” option, select Wood instead of Leaves, then click replace (Once more, keep in mind that you might need to repeat this process for all the types of wood in the area).


When you’re satisfied with the result, save the map (Ctrl+S) and close MCEdit!


So that concludes this article, I hope you enjoyed it!


Extend the range of your wireless network

Okay, so you’ve just bought a computer for your child’s bedroom, which is on the last floor, and your router is in the basement. Now, you also purchased a wireless USB adapter so that your child could have access to the internet. The only problem is: the connection isn’t strong enough, being two floors below, and it’s impossible to browse the internet when you’re on the uppermost floor!

Fortunately, there’s a simple way to solve this problem. Let’s say you have a computer on the first floor. This PC is close enough to the router to have a good signal, but it is also closer to the top floor. What we can do is share this computer’s internet connection so that your child can also navigate the web!

Basically, what we will be doing in this article is a thing called “Internet Connection Sharing”. What it implies is that a computer with internet access will allow other web-compatible devices to connect to the internet via that computer. In other words, you’re setting up an internet hotspot on your PC. This means that you can effectively extend the range of your wireless network by relaying it though your computer.

What we will need

-A WiFi compatible computer with Windows XP or later

-Virtual WiFi Router, which you can download here.

Setting up our internet access

Now, you need to install Virtual Wifi Router (beware, there are a lot of potentially unwanted programs that come with the installation, I recommend you skip them ;))

Once the install is finished, start the program. If you encounter this error:


Screenshot of the error message displayed by virtual wifi router when it requires administrative rights


Running Virtual WiFi Router as administrator should fix it.

Ok, once we’ve opened Virtual WiFi Router, we need to configure our network.


This is a screenshot of the Virtual WiFi Router user interface


Choose a meaningful name for your network, such as “My-Extended-Network”, and a password. Next, select which internet connection you want to share from, and how many users can be connected at any said time. Once you’re ready. click START. You should now be able to connect to your network!


Screenshot of me connecting to the network on Windows 8


That’s it! I hope you’ve enjoyed this article and that you found it helpful!

LoL tip – Know your enemy

Knowledge is one of the best weapons in LoL. Knowing your opponent’s runes, masteries or rank can help you itemize against them more efficiently. Per example, if you’re up against a Pantheon with 21/9/0 masteries, it would be a good idea to start with a cloth armour and five potions in order to mitigate most of his damage.

So, how can you find this out? There exists an awesome tool called “LoL Nexus Scouter” ( that does just that!

Using the tool is fairly simple, join a LoL game, and wait for the loading screen. This tool will not work in champion select!

Now, minimize the LoL loading screen by pressing ALT+TAB and go to the LoL Nexus Scouter. Type your summoner name in the text box, choose the correct server, and press “Search”:


This is a screenshot of the LoL Nexus website, precisely the "Scouter" tool, before we've entered a summoner name.


After a few seconds of loading, you should now see a screen similar to this one:

This is a picture of one of my games on LoL Nexus. It shows the information you can get via this tool.Simply by analysing this screen, I know a bunch of stuff that could be very useful. I’m playing Zac against Ryze top, and I know that him and the jungler (Jax) are premade. Therefore, it is important for me to only go all-in against Ryze when I’m sure that the jungler is far enough to not be a threat, since, chances are they’re on Skype, and Ryze could bait me into a fight that will result in my death (as always, wards op!).

There’s also a bunch of other interesting information, such as the rank of the players, their number of normal wins, their rune and their masteries. If you know your enemy, you win lane, and win game!


That’s it for this article, I hope you found it interesting!

Change the announcer’s voice in LoL


I don’t know about you guys, but sometimes im a bit tired of the normal announcer in LoL. So i tried to find a way to change the announcer’s voice into something else and I found this beautiful program : Demonic-Announcer V2.

It is very easy to use and the results are very good, the only sad thing about it is that you can’t change the voice for whatever you want, but other than that, it’s an awesome little program.

Available Announcers:
-Unreal Tournament
-Killer Instinct
-Mortal Kombat
-Halo 4
-Phreak Troll (“Tons of Damage”)
-Draaaaven (“Welcome to the League of Draven”)

Here’s how to change the announcer’s voice in LoL.

First Step

Go on the official download page and click on Download :

Demonic-Announcer Download Page

Step 2

When the download is complete, you will have to select a folder to install Demonic-Announcer. When it’s done installing, you only have to open the program. It will have to download some updates the first time you open it.

Step 3

When the updates are installed, it will ask you if you want to sign up as a tester for the V3, I said no but it’s your choice :P Then, you follow these images :

Click on settings

Then select your LoL launcher :

Launcher Location

When it’s done, click on the small black box on bottom left and it will take you back, but this time you can select the basic button :


Create Rebuild

Create Rebuild will run a backup for you, so your LoL file is safe. then wait, the backup can take a moment. When it’s completed, click on Next Step.

Now, you have to select all the sounds ( voices ) you want. You can mix them. The left red circle shows the different announcers, if you click on one of them, a list of sounds will appear in the centre red circle. You can select a single sound and click on (Add) to add it or you can click on (Add All) to add all the sounds from this announcer. You can also hear a preview of each sound. When you are done selecting your sounds, click on the (Use Sounds) button, here in the blue circle.

Select your sounds

When you added the sounds you want, click on (Next Step).

Next step

And finally, click on (Compile & Install).

Compile & Install

When it’s done, click on (Finished!) and here you go ! You have your new announcer’s voices ! It will create a new Demonic-Announcer folder, don’t be surprised.


Last thing

When there’s a LoL update, you will have to change your voices again, but the backup will not be as long as the first time so it’s not very long. Have fun using your new voices !


Thanks for reading,

How to install custom League of Legends maps

I think we all agree that the stock League of Legends maps are pretty cool. Nonetheless, wouldn’t it be nice to have a bit more variety? Perhaps a winter version of Summoner’s Rift?

Fortunately, the LoL community has come up with a marvellous program that allows just that! In this article, I will show you the steps you need to follow in order to install these so-called “map skins”.


Step one – Downloading “Skin Installer Ultimate”:

First and foremost, we need this nice little program. “Skin Installer Ultimate” is the program that will allow you to easily mod your LoL installation in order to install whichever skin you like. To download the program, go to this link: and click on “Download Version Now!”

This will download a *.zip file containing the program. Extract the contents of this file to a folder of your choice and open this folder:

This is a screenshot of the folder in which has been extracted the contents of the downloaded *.zip file

Now, click on “Skin Installer Ultimate.exe” to start the program, which looks like this:

This is a screenshot of the screen that appears when we start "Skin Installer Ultimate"

Great, now we need to download a new map!


Step two – Choosing a map skin:

Choosing a skin is the hard part ;) there are so many awesome ones out there! Those I would recommend you try are Beach Rift and Snow Rift (both from Yurixy:

For the purpose of this tutorial, I will be installing Snow Rift, which can be downloaded at the page below:

Scroll down to “Download” and select the version you want.

Once the download is finished, go back to Skin Installer Ultimate and click on “Add Files”:

This screenshot shows how to add the newly downloaded map in SIU

Then browse to the map you’ve downloaded, and select it:

This screenshot shows how to select the downloaded map with the siu file browser

Now, wait a few seconds for the file to load, the click the “Add to DataBase” Button. Enter a meaningful name in the text box that appears, and click ok.

This screenshot shows hwo to add the newly imported skin to the SIU DataBase

Finally, go to the “==Install Existing Skin==” Tab, select the check box that corresponds to the skin we’ve just added, and click “Install”:

This screenshot shows how to install the skin once it has been imported to the database

You will be shown an “Install Preferences” windows. Check the options you want, then click save. You’ll now have another window, this time for the “Skin Character Selection Options”. Select the options you want and click “Done”.

Wait for several seconds (can even go up to a few minutes), and you should now be prompted with an “Install Complete” message!

This screenshot shows the SIU prompt that confirms that the skin has been installed correctly

That’s how you can install custom League of Legends maps! You can now start LoL and enjoy your new Summoner’s Rift!

A picture I took of my Summoner's Rift with Snow Rift installed

Thanks for reading!

How to download music from youtube

Almost everyone downloads music online these days, but sometimes its hard to find what we want. Some people don’t know that you can download music directly from YouTube. Here’s how you can download music from YouTube, using Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

If you are using Internet Explorer or Google Chrome,

-You need the link of your YouTube music video:

-Then you go to  and paste the link from your YouTube music video, then click on Convert and wait.
It can take one minute or two.
When it’s done, you only have to click on <Download> and you will get an Mp3  file


If you are using Mozilla Firefox, there’s an easy way to download your music directly from YouTube.
-First, you will need an add-on, which you can download here:

Then, you simply go on YouTube, and under the music video of your choice, you will find a small download icon, as you can see in the middle of this image:

Click on that download button and select the type of audio file you want

And here you go, it will start the download of your music. 

If you have any problem, just leave a comment and i will try to help you as much as I can :P

Thx for reading!